Kathryn was driving to work when a car coming the opposite direction made an illegal left turn in front of her.  She tried to brake but couldn’t stop in time.  She crashed into the car, breaking her wrist in the wreck and requiring surgery to repair it.  I secured a $150,000 settlement from State Farm for Kathryn, which was the maximum amount of insurance available.

Here’s what Kathryn had to say about my representation:


The Wreck

The accident happened on Roswell Road in Sandy Springs, Georgia.   The wreck totaled both cars.  The police found the other driver at fault and cited her for improper left turn.  The other driver admitted she was at fault so the case was about Kathryn’s injuries and fair compensation for them.

The Injuries

Kathryn couldn’t move her right hand after the wreck and her knees and foot hurt as well.  The ambulance took her to the emergency room, where she was diagnosed with a distal radius fracture to her right wrist and a broken right toe.  Her doctor tried to treat the broken wrist without surgery and set it in a cast.  Unfortunately, x-rays showed it wasn’t healing properly and Kathryn had to undergo surgery.  The surgery involved fixing the break with a metal plate, screws and pegs.  They’re shown in the x-ray below and will likely be in her arm the rest of her life:


Kathryn made a good recovery from the surgery but her wrist is still stiff and painful at times.  She’s right-handed and doesn’t have the same range of motion that she did before.  She works as a bank teller and it interferes with her ability to type and do little things like open a door knob or start her car. According to her doctor, she’ll continue to get better with time and physical therapy, but will never have full range of motion in her wrist again and will likely develop arthritis in her wrist as she gets older.

The Settlement

The driver that caused the wreck had $50,000 in insurance with State Farm. Kathryn had $100,000 in add-on/excess uninsured motorist coverage, also with State Farm.  Add-on/excess uninsured motorist coverage stacks on top of the other driver’s insurance and provides extra protection if you’re hurt in a wreck.  With the two policies combined, there was a total of $150,000 in insurance to cover the wreck.  I sent State Farm a settlement demand for the $150,000 and they agreed to pay it to Kathryn. I’m glad I could help Kathryn and wish her well as she continues to recover from her injury.