If you’ve been injured by a drunk driver, you may be able to hold the bar or restaurant that served the drunk driver responsible for your injuries.

Georgia’s Dram Shop Law makes it illegal to serve alcohol to a minor or a person that’s noticeably drunk when you know that they will soon be driving.  If a bar or restaurant serves alcohol to a minor or a noticeably drunk person and they cause an accident and injure or kill someone, the bar or restaurant may be held responsible for the injuries or death.

Purpose of Georgia’s Dram Shop Law

Georgia’s Dram Shop Law has two purposes.  First, it protects the public from the dangers of serving alcohol to minors or someone who’s obviously had too much to drink. Second, it encourages people and businesses who serve alcohol to be responsible by holding them liable when they serve minors or obviously drunk people who later cause a wreck.

What Do You Need To Prove In A Georgia Dram Shop Lawsuit?

An important requirement of the Dram Shop Law is that the person be noticeably drunk.  The law doesn’t hold a bar responsible if it serves someone two or three beers and they drive home and cause a wreck.  However, if a bar continues to serve drinks to a person who’s having trouble walking and is slurring their words or showing other signs that they’re obviously drunk, the law allows the bar to be held responsible for any injuries the drunk driver causes.

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