Michael is a personal injury attorney that represents people who have been seriously injured or killed due to the negligence of others.  He handles cases across the state and has offices in Athens and Atlanta.  He represents clients in the following types of cases:

Our Results Speak for Themselves

Over the last five years, the firm has obtained over $20 million in verdicts and settlements for our clients.  In 2013 alone, we achieved more than $5 million in verdicts and settlements including a $750,000 settlement for an Athens woman injured in a bicycle accident.

The secret to our success is simple: hard work, creativity and aggressively litigating your case and preparing it for trial.  Insurance companies know that we don’t take “No” for an answer and that we regularly try and win cases.

Not Your Average Personal Injury Lawyers

We’re not like the personal injury firms you see advertising on TV and billboards.

Those firms take thousands of cases, never go to court and settle them for pennies on the dollar.  We are selective in the cases we accept so that we can give each case and client the time and attention they deserve, allowing us to maximize our clients’ recoveries.  At those firms, your case is only a number and a dollar figure.  At our firm, we take the time to walk you through each step of the process, make sure that you understand your legal options and help you to make an informed decision about what’s best for you.

Voted One Of Georgia’ Best Injury Lawyers

In 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 Georgia lawyers voted Michael as one of the state’s best lawyers, naming him to the Georgia Super Lawyers – Rising Stars list.  Only 2.5% of the lawyers in Georgia are selected for this honor.  Michael has also achieved a perfect 10.0 rating from attorney rating organization Avvo.


Free Consultations for Personal Injury & Accident Cases

We offer free consultations to discuss your case.  When you call the firm for a consultation, you’ll  speak with one of the lawyers at the firm – not a secretary, case manager or paralegal.  We’ll discuss the facts of your case with you and give you an overview of your legal options.  If you don’t need a lawyer or don’t have a case, we’ll tell you right away.

About Michael

Michael grew up in Athens and went to Athens Academy and then college and law school at the University of Georgia.  He worked for one of Atlanta’s largest law firms for five years defending businesses and insurance companies in personal injury and wrongful death cases before deciding he wanted to help people and families.  His years of experience as a defense lawyer give him an insider’s perspective on how insurance companies defend personal injury and wrongful death cases and he uses this knowledge to ensure that his clients obtain the best outcome possible.

Injured in an accident?  Our Athens, Georgia personal injury attorneys are here to help.  We’ll work to obtain fair and just compensation for your injuries and help get you and your family back on the road to recovery.

What is Personal Injury Law?

If you’ve been hurt because of the negligence of another person, you have a legal claim for personal injury against the person or business responsible for causing your injury.  Personal injury encompasses a wide variety of injury claims and lawsuits, such as car accidents, tractor trailer and truck accidents, medical malpractice, slip and fall accidents and injuries caused by dangerous or defective products.

If I’m Hurt in an Accident in Georgia How Long Do I Have to File a Lawsuit?

The legal deadline to file a claim for your personal injury is called the statute of limitations.  In Georgia, the statute of limitations is generally two years from the date of your injury.  Read more about Georgia’s statute of limitations for personal injury claims here.

What Compensation Can I Receive For My Personal Injury?

If you’re injured, you’re entitled to receive compensation for:

  • medical bills;
  • lost wages and salary;
  • Future lost wages and salary, if you won’t be able to work in the future;
  • mental and physical pain and suffering;
  • permanent disfigurement;
  • permanent impairment;
  • Loss of enjoyment of life, if you’re not able to participate in activities and work and family life like you did before the accident;

What’s the Process for Filing a Personal Injury Claim or Lawsuit?

  • Meet with our attorneys to sign an attorney-client agreement and complete a form authorizing us to obtain your medical records;
  • We’ll get the police report;
  • We’ll interview witnesses;
  • We’ll request the insurance information for the person or company that caused the accident and investigate whether you have uninsured motorist coverage that applies to the accident.
  • If needed, retain accident reconstruction experts who will investigate the accident to determine who’s at fault.  This is usually only necessary in cases involving questions about who’s at fault for the accident, tractor-trailer or truck accidents or accidents involving very serious injuries or deaths.
  • Once you’ve recovered from your injuries, we’ll obtain your medical records and bills from your doctors.  It typically takes 30-45 days to get records and bills from your doctors.
  • We’ll put together a settlement demand letter to the insurance company outlining why the other person is responsible and explaining your injuries and making a settlement demand.  Our office usually has your settlement demand ready within two weeks of getting all of your medical records and bills.
  • The insurance company has 30 days to respond to the demand.  If they don’t completely accept the demand, we’ll try to negotiate a settlement.  Negotiations can last for several months.
  • If we’re not able to obtain a reasonable settlement, we’ll file a lawsuit.

How Long Will My Personal Injury Claim or Lawsuit Take?

Unfortunately, there is no cut and dry answer to this question.  The easiest way for us to answer this question is to review your case and talk with you about your legal options and your goals.  We’ve resolved cases in as quickly as a couple of weeks and some have taken several years.

While we work hard to get your case resolved as quickly as possible, how long your case will take to settle or go to trial depends on a number of factors.  One of the most important ones is your injuries and how long it takes you to recover from them.  We typically advise clients to wait until we know the full extent of their injuries and what medical treatment they’ll require in the future before making a settlement demand or filing a lawsuit.  This ensures that we’re including all of your injuries in your claim and lawsuit. Once you settle your case or the jury returns a verdict, the case is closed and there’s no way to obtain additional compensation.  For instance, if we settle your case and six months later your doctor tells you that you’re going to need surgery, it’s too late to include the surgery in your claim.

Of course, there are exceptions to this.  If the person that hit you doesn’t have a lot of insurance and your case is worth more than the person’s insurance policy, we’ll go ahead and make a settlement demand and file suit in your case.  Or if you’ve broken an arm or leg in an accident and have already had surgery to repair it, we’ll typically move forward with your case because most of your medical treatment and medical bills have already occurred.

How Much Does a Personal Injury Attorney Charge?

Personal injury lawyers work on a contingency fee basis, meaning there are no upfront fees or expenses.  Our fee is a percentage of the settlement or the jury verdict.  If there is no recovery, you don’t owe us anything.  Read more about our attorney fees here.

Free Consultation for Personal Injury Cases in Georgia

We offer free attorney consultations for your personal injury case.  You’ll speak directly with one of the attorneys at our firm about your case, not with a case manager or paralegal.

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