Driving is routine. Most of us take it for granted, until we’re involved in an accident. A collision is a frightening experience. The days, weeks, and months following the crash are often hectic – it is difficult to rest before things are resolved.

Atlanta Car Accident Lawyer Michael Ruppersburg understands how frustrating dealing with this fallout can be. His primary goal when working your case is to give you the peace of mind you need. A car accident injury has a major impact on the way you live your life. Michael will help make sure you’re treated fairly and receive just compensation.

After the Car Accident

Atlanta is a huge city. There are millions of us on the road each day. We all want to avoid car accidents, but they happen. If you’re involved in a car crash, the steps you make in the moments immediately after and the days following are important.

Let’s briefly review what you should if you’ve been involved in an accident:

Right After the Crash:

  1. Stay Calm. You need to keep your cool and focus on getting safe. If you panic, you risk greater injury to yourself or others involved.
  2. If you’re hurt, stay where you are. Put your emergency lights on so you’re easily noticed by other drivers. If you’re able to move out of the roadway, do so. Check on other drivers and passengers and call 911.
  3. Seek medical treatment. Injuries from an accident often don’t show up for several hours due to adrenaline. At the very least, get checked out at the scene by emergency medical services. If you need to go to the hospital immediately, go. Otherwise, go see your doctor as soon as you can after the car accident.
  4. Get the other driver’s insurance, driver’s license, and license plate information. This will be crucial in filing your claim with their insurer.
  5. Get a police report. Ensure that the police show up at the scene and produce an accident report. This will contain crucial information about the car accident that your lawyer and insurance company will need.

When the Dust Settles:

  1. Report the car accident to your insurance company and get a claim number. You can give them the other driver’s insurance information. It’s OK to to speak with your insurer, but DO NOT give a statement to the other driver’s insurance company.
  2. Follow up with medical treatment as necessary. It’s imperative that you fully treat any injuries you’ve suffered. Long term complications can develop if you don’t – and if you’ve already settled your case it will be too late to be compensated.
  3. Contact a car accident lawyer. Injuries suffered from a car crash have long lasting consequences. You may be faced with expensive medical bills, lost pay due to miss work, and a reduced quality of life. An experienced car accident lawyer will help you make sure you’re fully compensated.

Do I Need a Lawyer?

If you’ve been in a car accident, it’s never a bad idea to have a lawyer review your case. Whether or not one requires legal representation after a car crash generally depends on the severity of the crash. Fender bender with a little vehicle damage and no injuries? You probably don’t need an attorney.

However, if you’ve got medical bills piling up, you’ve missed (or are missing) work, or you’re having trouble getting back to your regular routine due to injuries, get in touch with an Atlanta car accident lawyer. The difference an experienced attorney can make in your recovery is huge.

What Compensation Can I Receive from a Car Accident?

There is more to recovery than medical bills. Georgia law allows car accident victims to recover compensation for:

  • Medical Bills
  • Future Medical Bills (for related, additional treatment you will need)
  • Lost Wages from Missed Work Due to Injury or Doctor’s Appointments
  • Future Lost Wages Due to Lost Ability to Work
  • Emotional and Physical Pain and Suffering
  • Permanent Injury and Disfigurement

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