I represent people who have been seriously injured or killed in tractor-trailer wrecks.  I will help you hold the trucking company accountable and will not accept less than full and just compensation for your injury or loss.

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Experienced Tractor-Trailer and Truck Accident Attorney

Before I began representing victims of tractor-trailer wrecks, I worked for one of Atlanta’s largest law firms defending truck drivers and tractor-trailer companies in personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits.  My experience in representing trucking companies and their insurance companies gave me in-depth knowledge of the trucking industry and the way that these lawsuits are prosecuted and defended.

Why Do I Need A Lawyer That Specializes In Tractor-Trailer Cases?

While any personal injury lawyer can handle a car wreck case, tractor-trailer wreck cases are much more complicated and require attorneys with experience in litigating truck wreck cases.  Here are some of the most important reasons why:

  • Complex federal and state safety regulations:  Tractor-trailer companies and truck drivers are regulated by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and the Georgia Department of Public Safety.  The book of safety regulations for trucking companies and truck drivers is several inches thick and is updated several times a year.  One of the most important parts of any truck accident case is determining whether the truck driver and tractor-trailer company violated any safety regulations and what role those violations played in the accident.  Attorneys handling truck wreck cases need to be experienced and familiar with the federal and state regulations.
  • High stakes:  Interstate trucking companies are required to have a minimum of $750,000 in liability insurance; many tractor-trailer companies have much more than that.  Since there’s a lot of money involved, trucking companies and their insurance companies will hire experienced defense lawyers to defend the case who will fight you every step of the way and keep the case from ever seeing the inside of a courtroom.
  • Expert witnesses: Tractor-trailer wreck cases usually require  expert witnesses in accident reconstruction and tractor-trailer mechanics.  If who is at fault for the accident is in dispute, an accident reconstruction expert can inspect physical evidence at the accident scene such as skid marks, gouge marks and the debris field to determine the speeds of the vehicles involved and whether they could have avoided the accident.  If the accident occurred due to a malfunction of the tractor-trailer, a tractor-trailer mechanic expert can inspect the truck to determine whether it was properly inspected and maintained.  We work with multiple expert witnesses who, if necessary, we can use to help prove that the truck driver and tractor-trailer company are responsible for the accident.
  • Tired and fatigued drivers: Tired tractor-trailer drivers are unsafe tractor-trailer drivers.  Many truck drivers drive longer than allowed by the Georgia and Federal Motor Carrier Safety Regulations in order to make their deliveries on time and many trucking companies encourage or turn a blind eye to this practice.  Investigating a tractor-trailer wreck requires inspecting the driver’s driving logs to make sure that he hasn’t been driving more than allowed and checking the logs with delivery receipts, gas receipts and black box data to make sure the truck driver is accurately recording the hours he’s been driving.

Why Do I Need To Hire A Tractor-Trailer Lawyer Right Away?

Important evidence may be lost or “go missing” if a lawyer does not quickly act to make sure that it is saved and preserved.   This is because the federal and Georgia regulations governing the trucking industry require the tractor-trailer company and driver to keep records for relatively short periods of time, some as short as 30 days.  The trucking company may legally destroy those records after that time period without any penalties.

The first and most important thing an attorney can do to make sure evidence is preserved is to send a letter called a “spoliation letter” to the tractor-trailer company, its driver and insurance company.  This letter demands the trucking company preserve documents and evidence relating to the wreck, the tractor-trailer and the truck driver.  If the company destroys evidence after receiving a spoliation letter, a judge can sanction it for spoliation of evidence.

Many newer-model tractor-trailers are also equipped with “black boxes” that, like an airplane’s black box, record data about a tractor-trailer’s speed, braking and movements before an accident.  Some black boxes even include GPS technology that can track a tractor-trailer’s location and speed for days and weeks before an accident.  These black boxes typically keep data for 14-30 days and then it is automatically deleted.  Immediately sending a spoliation letter after a tractor-trailer accident will help ensure that this crucial evidence is preserved and can be used to determine who is at fault for an accident and why.

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